You are here because you want to win money from betting. This is something we have been doing for two decades, and with some basic help you can do the same. To get the most out of this tutorial, we recommend watching our Youtube video.

Before we add more teaching blogs to the site, we just want to make it clear that these are the basics. Their is a lot more to professional betting, and much depends on your own ability and circumstances.


Maybe you heard this from Warren Buffet, ‘’the best deals are ones i didn’t make’’. This can also apply to betting, so let’s kick off with some do’s and don’ts.

CASH OUT – We were vilified by many for saying cash-out is for losers. Without getting into that here, the fact is you are giving profits and value back to the bookmaker. Would you be offered 70% back from the cashier if you returned merchandise to a store?. The answer is clearly no, so why accept the same terms from your bookmaker for selling your bet back early.

BEST ODDS – You need multiple high value betting accounts, because getting the best odds is imperative to the bottom line. Take into consideration your circumstances, and figure out your best options.

KEEP IT LEGAL – If you bet with bookmakers who are legally licensed, it’s easier to pursue them if they don’t pay. For people in many countries betting is grey zone, so think about it first.

FALLEN ODDS – If the odds have dropped and the value is gone, remember the Warren Buffet phrase and forget the bet.

DON’T ABUSE BOOKIES – For those want to make a quick buck, go ahead and exploit matched bets. By that we mean abuse bookmakers first deposit bonus, and make money without risk. However, if you want longevity, it’s important to avoid confrontation and think long term.

HIGH STREET BOOKIES – Their is lots of betting value to be had on the high street. The reason for that is bookmakers don’t change odds quickly, and best of all it’s easy to stay undetected. Afterall, unlike with online betting accounts, bookmakers have no track and trace with bets made in shops!

WATCH FOR HIDDEN COSTS OR LIMITATIONS – Some online operators such has Interwetten charge tax, take into consideration before betting. Others might have maximum payout limits, or maximum accumulated odds. We suggest you read ‘’rules and regulations’’ before placing any bets.

STAKING PLAN – Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. It’s never a good idea to put extra pressure on betting.


People often ask us about staking and money management. As you can imagine it’s a long subject and depends on a number of factors. Nevertheless, we would suggest you consider the number of bets, and the actual odds. For example, few bets (20-30 month) at short odds (2.00) means you can probably risk 4-5% of your bank. Someone betting 100-200 Asian handicaps per month might stake 0.5 to 2%. While, those betting bigger odds could consider 0.2 to 1% of their bank.


Their are always people who will know more than you. And, while most betting tipsters are useless, some are proven over a long period of time. If you can find successful tipsters to follow, it’s a clever way of improving your betting. Afterall, it will allow you to concentrate on other dynamics, such has obtaining best odds.

Furthermore, you can learn a lot by reading into what a tipster is saying, and learn their mindset. In fact, it’s even possible to study what someone else is doing and improve upon it!

We will be back with more – Check out our other video on Cash Out.